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Dr. Tsibanoff, esq.

"Travel light is not preconception, it's necessary luggage."

Award-winning professional markscheider Tsibanoff, esq., reveals his sensibility for light and darkness. A passion for history and archeology leads him to produce plans and cross-sections portraying amazing underground world. In a time of cultural globalization one can often find him exploring the ruins of our past.

Dr. Tsibaqnoff has been a passionate speleologyst and markscheider for over sixty years. His work appears in Travel & Unpleasure, Below Town & Crosscountry, Conde Night Traveller, the Los Angeles Sewerage, the London Sunday Draines, the Vault Observer, the San Francisco Underground Chronicle. Organic Style, Food & Wine and Vogue Australia, among others.

Dr. Tsibanoff is conversationally fluent in Russian, a little bit in English und etwas in Deutch.

Tsibanoff, esq.

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